5 rules for creating a high performance culture.

Helping individuals, teams and organisations make organisational change 'mist-free'.

Get your house in orderGet your house in order

Get your house in order

Creating a holistic strategy that will align individuals to team and organisational objectives, processes and values.


Ask them, don’t tell themAsk them, don’t tell them

Ask them, don’t tell them

Equipping leaders and coaches with advanced facilitation and coaching skills so that they can manage change effectively.


Make yourself redundantMake yourself redundant

Make yourself redundant

Developing leaders and coaches ability to step back and focus on continuous performance improvement so that they can become more strategic.


Embrace failureEmbrace failure

Embrace failure

Reducing the fear of failure so that people can live, work and compete at their full potential.


Hold each other accountableHold each other accountable

Hold each other accountable

Create a feedback and coaching culture where actions are implemented, evaluated and measured.

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We are living in an ever-changing environment, which can leave people feeling confused, vulnerable and even angry. For an organisation to achieve a competitive advantage it must create a ‘mist-free’ environment.

This is not only found in a strategy or a compelling vision or even a brilliant product, it relies on how leadership aligns its teams to create a high performance ‘mist-free’ culture for people to thrive in.

Managing The Mist:

Is passionate about performance improvement our excellence is in understanding your reality and increasing your competitive advantage.

Measures performance improvement from the outset we evaluate impact at all levels to achieve maximum ROI.

Is an expert in creating high performance cultures.

Has a robust methodology implemented by a highly skilled team who will assist organisations, teams and leaders to successfully navigate through the ‘mist’.






Andrew Sillitoe

About Andrew

Andrew is an experienced coach, a talented speaker and exceptional facilitator. His intuitive and radical approach to leadership development, team performance and organisational change has inspired many to take action towards reaching their goals.

He studied at UCL, MSc in Management Consulting and Organisational Change, and draws upon his strong commercial experience to help organisations, teams and individuals realise their potential and deliver greater performance.

As a talented athlete, Andrew played 77 games in 11 World Championships for the Great Britain Inline Hockey Team and competed professionally – representing Vancouver, California and Colorado. Furthermore, in 2011 Andrew coached Great Britain to win gold in Division One, achieving promotion for the first time into the top eight countries at the IIHF 2012 World Championships.

When he’s not travelling the world helping clients ‘Manage the Mist’, Andrew lives in Kent with his wife Lucie and daughter Izzie.

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